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AsmOne is a very popular IDE for 680x0 assembler on the Amiga. AsmOne was originally developer by Rune-Gram Madsen (known in the scene as Promax). Version 1.01 was sold commercially, but only around 500 copies were sold. Rune-Gram Madsen didn't continue development, but others made new version based on resourced versions of AsmOne. This resulted in new version of AsmOne and also in Trash'Em'One.


  • 2 july 2009 - Sourcecode to v1.02 was released
  • V1.49 (rc2) - loads of fixes
  • V1.48 - fixes, mostly to (dis)assembling PPC
  • V1.47 - brough support for (dis)assembling PPC (buggy)
  • V1.46 - better support for sourcecodes longer than 65535 lines
  • V1.45 - RTG support



Videos showing AsmOne in action