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On youtube:

Dark Unicorn Productions

  • Djinn: Battle Of The Stones
    with coding by Shane Monroe
  • Gladiators Of Dagania
    with coding by K. Felice
  • It's The Pits
    with coding by K. Felice
  • Mammoth Boing
    with coding by K. Felice
  • Psycho Squares Deluxe
    with coding by Shane Monroe
  • Scorched Tanks
    with coding by Micheal Weld


Sector T

Sector T was a Norwegian AMOS group. (source: Amiga Exotica scenery)

  • Runaway Brain (1994, 03.04)
    10th in The Gathering 94 demo competition


The French demogroup Syntex supposedly used AMOS to make some (or all?) of their products.

Movies on youtube:


Other groups/individuals

  • Cubic Demo
    • By ??


Lost demos ?

These were talked about on the AMOS-list and were supposedly on Aminet (but not anymore, maybe due their later strict anti .dms policy?)