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These optimisation tips came from the list collected by Ben Wyatt with help from people on the AMOS-list


Here are a few optimisation tips for those of you trying to squeeze that little bit more speed out of code. With the follow examples, the speed increase may not be noticeable, but they will all make it that little bit faster.

Important: Do not go through your entire AMOS program collection, converting all your code so it's slightly faster. Only alter code which you think is /too/ slow. For example, don't change your 3D renderer just to cut down the rendering time 1/50 of a second or something silly. And similarly, don't bother fiddling with the main loop of a game when it already runs in a Vbl! A lot of these optimisation tips produce some messy code so often it isn't worth changing things!

Note: Some of these speed increases only work when compiled, mainly with the AMOSPRO Compiler. A lot of them are only tested this way. It must also be stated that these tips may be incorrect for some CPUs - they have mainly been tested on an 68020, but caches and different instruction cycle timings could alter the results. Some sort of chart may be available in future releases of this document - the best idea is to experiment on your system.


Compiled by:

  • Ben Wyatt


  • Garfield Benjamin
  • Ben Wyatt
  • Paul Hickman
  • Tim Lewis
  • Petri Hakkinen
  • Mark de Jong
  • Paul Heald
  • Samuel Crow