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This bank has the name "Samples" and is created with the Sample Bank Editor shipped with AMOS. The samples can be played back with the Music extension. The format of the bank is as follows:

  • 20 bytes: the regular bank header, as described above
  • 2 bytes: the number of samples in this bank
  • many bytes: A list of offsets, each 4 bytes long, to each sample. The offset is relative to the location of the "number of samples" field above.

The format of each sample is as follows:

  • 8 bytes: the name for the sample, in ASCII.
  • 2 bytes: the frequency of the sample in hertz.
  • 4 bytes: the length of the sample in bytes.
  • many bytes: the sample data itself, a stream of twos complement signed 8-bit PCM samples