AMOS:Sprite and Icon bank formats

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A sprite bank and an icon bank share very similar attributes. They define graphic data which can be drawn onscreen.

  • 4 bytes: "AmSp" for sprites (bank 1) or "AmIc" for icons (bank 2)
  • 2 bytes: the number of sprites or icons to follow
  • many bytes: the above-counted sprites or icons
  • 64 bytes: a 32-entry colour palette. Each entry has the Amiga COLORx hardware register format, which is 0x0RGB, where R, G and B represent red, green and blue colour components and are between 0x0 (minimum) and 0xF (maximum).

Each sprite or icon has this format:

  • 2 bytes: width, in 16-bit words
  • 2 bytes: height, in raster lines
  • 2 bytes: depth, in bitplanes (1 to 5)
  • 2 bytes: hot-spot X co-ordinate
  • 2 bytes: hot-spot Y co-ordinate
  • many bytes: width*height*depth*2 bytes of planar graphic data