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This is a list of ways/software to get software from internet on low end Amiga models (without Ethernet cards and internet access):

  • CrossDOS
  • Hombre
  • WarTrans (for people without CrossDOS, Ethernet or Terminal software but who have Extra 1.3 or AmigaBasic)


CrossDOS was bundled with AmigaOS v2.1 and allows you to read PC formatted disks.


a collection of utilities aimed at users of low end Amiga models (like the A500) who want to transfer files from their PCs.
To use it you'll need to find someone to get this disk on a real disk for you. After that the software on the disk allows you to transfer software from PC to Amiga (to disk) using a serial or parallel cable.


WarTrans is a small program which will assist you in getting files from a PC to an Amiga 500.

To use this you'll need

  • a serial cable
  • a small program for Windows (download
  • to type out a 33 line program in AmigaBasic
    (can be found on the Extra 1.3 disk)