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Names used

  • Andy Kellett
  • Andrew Kellett
  • Andrew "Mushroom" Kellett
  • Andy 'Fish-Guy' Kellett

Known for

  • Author of the 'Mushy-PD' website, which used to be at
    This website had AMOS sourcecodes, tutorials and extensions. You could probably see it as a predecessor to the AMOS factory website.
  • he had an FTP server with AMOS sourcecodes.
  • he had a bot on #AMOS, with the nick Fish-Guy
  • in februari 1998 announced 'F1 software' to be open for bussiness


  • Andrew still runs F1 software, but now focusses on making games for Windows, Mac and PocketPC.
  • Made a website padpile which is kind of a software catalog (you can upload PAD files, which are XML documents describing a program)
  • Nowadays signs as: Andy 'Fish-Guy' Kellett