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  • (1995 - AMOS) Helped to fix a bug for APME14 (which allows you to select a configuration when starting AMOSPro)
  • (1996 - AMOS) Music for MegaTron 1.5 (a Tron-clone written in AMOS by Chris Hodges)
  • (1996 - AMOS) Wrote a disk catalog viewer called DiskViewer for an Dutch Amiga club
  • (1997 - AMOS) donated some tips for the AMOS Optimisations list
  • (.... - 680x0) did an AGA-fix of the classic Bip / Biplanes Duel game
  • (200?) wrote music for an birthday-tro (Bubble Buzz Birthday)
  • (2007) setup the Amiga Coding WIKI