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Known for

  • writing the GUI extension
  • fixing the AMCAF extension after Chris Hodges stopped working on it
  • wrote AmyGate using AMOS+GUI extension
  • released a few patches for AmosPro (to fix exit crashes, print crashes and improve screen switching with Amiga-A)

Phoenix projects

Pietro Ghizzoni was to be the main developer on AmosPro and AmosNG of a group that would take over development of AmosPro after Francois Lionet stopped working on it.

Their 'Phoenix' project was cancelled. Pietro was the last working on it and did release the GUI2 extension and some fixes for AMCAF and AMOSPro (which were intended as part of the 'Phoenix' project).

Quote: [1]

The phoenix project..... very simple... upgrade Amos as needed means rewrite it. The Phoenix project was an attempt to do it in a different way, using extra extensions like the GUI Extension, FD extensions, AMCAF and so on...
But time after time this way has demonstrated its limits... the results wasn't satisfactory... and my Amiga is pregressively dead in the meanwhile. The project is stopped.....


  • has been betatesting WinUAE