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AsmPro is an Assembler IDE for the Amiga. It is an fork of AsmOne based on updating a disassembled version of AsmOne. One of it's strong points where the fact that it was the first fork/clone of AsmOne to support graphics cards and syntax coloring. With Asm-Pro V1.16f (04-03-2000) the project had been made opensource. However the original developer of AsmPro stopped working on AsmPro in Q1 2001, after which development slowed down to almost a halt.


  • An Amiga
  • Kickstart 2.04+
  • ReqTools.library


  • based on AsmOne
    • integrated debugger
    • integrated editor

  • syntax coloring
  • selectable screen size/resolution & font requestor
  • systemfriendly editor (can use graphics cards)
  • can change font
  • adjustable stacksize (for very big sources)
  • working/improved IncIFFp
  •  %getdate and %gettime will returns system time and date in ascii


  • a little bit buggy
  • ..



Known bugs