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NameKnown for
Aaron Fothergillcreator of the TOME extention and known from Shadow Software and the Amos Club.
Andrew Kellett

Author of Mushy-PD website and FTP, owner of Fish-Guy bot on #AMOS

Andy ChurchFounder and member of the Amos Development Team. Author of the Intuition Extension.
Ben WyattWrote the 'AMOS Code Optimisation Tips'-list and wrote the game Knockout 1 & 2
Cecil MeeksThe original author of Turbo Scene Editor for Turbo Plus. Originally, it was called "Game Mapper"
Chris HodgesWrote the AMCAF extension. Also wrote some games in AMOS, like MegaTron and .....
Fabrizio BazzoWrote ApcII (Intuition interface for AmosPro compiler 2.0) so you could compile from your Workbench screen.
François LionetThe programmer of AMOS, Easy AMOS and AMOSPro.
Jean-Baptiste BolcatoWrote some AMOS programs that shipped with the AMOSPro Compiler
Lee BamberWrote several games including Relics of Deldroneye 1/2
Manuel AndreAuthor of the Turbo extension.
Mark de JongHelped with the AMOS optimisations list, various little AMOS projects, AMOS-list member since 1993
Mel CroucherOne of the authors of the Easy AMOS manual and AMOSPro manual.
Michael CoxThe administrator of the Amos Discussion List. The author and administrator of the Amos FAQ.
Mike SikorskyMember of the Amos Development Team. Author of Mike's Amos Replacement Project.
Paul HickmanMember of the Amos Development Team. Author of the Easylife extension.
Paul ReeceMember of the Amos Development Team. Author of the EME (Enhanced Music Extension) extension.
Pietro GhizzoniWrote the GUI Extension, made some fixes to AMOSPro V2, was to be the main developer for AmosNG
Ryan ScottMember of the Amos Development Team. Publisher of "Playfield!"
Ronnie SimpsonWrote demos for AMOSPro (credited in the AMOSPro manual)
Steve ByeOwner of F1 Licenceware. Formerly the only official distributor of Amos Pro Compiler (which is also the update to Amos Pro v.2.0)
Richard VannerProject manager for AMOSPro (?)
Stephen HillOne of the authors of the AMOSPro manual. Writer of 'Amiga Game Maker's Manual'.
Also wrote the helpfile for AMOSPro.